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Available courses

Number of topics: 8

  • Nature and significance of a lease - What is a lease and why is it important that you know what is in it.

  • Typical features of a lease - This section covers the parties to the lease, the rights granted with the property and regulations within the lease.

  • Leaseholder's obligations - The lease will spell out what the leaseholder is responsible for. We will go through all the typical obligations in a lease.

  • Landlord's obligations - The landlord will have certain responsibilities under the lease, such as repairs and insurance. We will explain these and some more. 

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Number of topics: 11

In this module you will learn what it takes to be a director, this will include:

  • Appointing directors

In this section we will cover how to appoint a director and how many directors are needed to run a company

  • Directors responsibilities

In this section we talk about the duties and responsibilities of company directors

  • Company creation

We cover in detail how to go about setting up a company

  • Strike-off, dissolution and restoration

We explain how a company can be ended through being struck off and dissolved and the steps that can be taken to restore it.

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Number of topics: 11

In the module we will be covering:

  • Service charge accounting
  • Service charge payment
  • Service charge demand
  • The 18-month rule
  • Reasonableness
  • Consultation
  • Sinking funds
  • Building Insurance

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Number of topics: 9

In this Module you will learn about Professional Advisers and Service Providers

 What you will learn:

  • Finding them
  • Evaluating them
  • Hiring them

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Number of topics: 6

In this module you will learn about various forms of dispute resolution, this will include:

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